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Hair Care

We are the world's first Ayurvedic and natural wellness platform launched back in 1998. We have trustworthy and actionable content, Ayurvedic doctors and wellness experts, and a large selection of products to suit every need. Adopt a natural and holistic lifestyle with us today.

Ayurvedic Hair Care Products & Medicine

Care for Your Hair with Natural Hair Care Products

Your hair is your crowning glory and an essential part of your personality. has the widest range of hair care products for men and hair care products for women to keep your locks in top shape, prevent hair loss, fight dandruff, stop premature greying, repair damaged strands and control frizz and breakage.

Go for time-testedAyurvdic hair care remedies like mahabhringaraj oil, brahmi oil, soapnutcleanser, shikakai cleanser and herbal henna to name a few. We also have mild shampoos that won't strip away your hair’s natural oils. Our herbal hair conditioners will seal in the moisture with every wash. Visit our Wisdom section to read blogs that offer Ayurvedic tips for hair growth and hair loss treatment. You can then select the right natural treatment for your mane so that you follow a personalized path to healthy, shiny, thick, long hair.

Buy Natural Hair CareProducts for Men & Women to Get Gorgeous Tresses offers a variety of Ayurvedic herbs that can help your locks looking lovely. Herbs like Bhringaraja, Neela, Amla, Haritaki, Vibhitaki, Brahmi, Neem, etc. have been used for centuries to get classic-length hair. We advise that you use herbal oils like brahmi amla oil, argan oil and almond oil to get regular massages to boost scalp circulation and promote hair growth. You can also use a hair mask once a week containing hibiscus, fenugreek and the like to prevent hair loss, hair fall, dandruff, premature graying and split ends.