Why Ayurveda is the Holistic Answer to Treating Chronic Diseases

Ayurveda is a natural and holistic ancient Indian medical science. The aim of Ayurveda is to maintain a balanced body, mind and spirit. To stay healthy, a person should follow the correct daily routine or dincharya. This includes adapting to seasonal changes and eating a diet with adequate nutrition. For a long time, conventional medicine has been trying to find a solution for long-term chronic problems such as paralysis, AIDS, high cholesterol, psoriasis and so on. The field of Ayurveda has been garnering a lot of interest lately for treating such ailments. 

As opposed to conventional modern medicine, Ayurveda uses natural and holistic remedies for treating diseases and ailments. The aim of treatment is to give the patient relief from their issue and also treat the ailment in accordance to the energy constitution of the individual, or their prakriti. While it is true that Ayurveda may not offer instant relief from issues as it gets to core root cause of the ailment to ensure that the disease does not relapse. When emerging disorders are not treated on time, they can lead into chronic diseases that take longer to cure.  From arthritis treatment to asthma treatment, cardiac diseases, treatment of allergies and autoimmune disorders, Panchkarma can treat a variety of chronic diseases.

Panchkarma for Chronic Disease Treatment

Panchkarma means "five actions" in Sanskrit. It is an Ayurvedic treatment process used to cleanse the body from toxic buildup caused by poor nutrition and disease. The body has a natural and inborn way to effectively process and flush out this waste materials. However, poor diet, lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyles, metabolic and hormonal issues which control the body's internal balance can lead to the spread and buildup of toxins throughout the body. This leads to disease and ailments. The waste matter, known as ama in Ayurveda, is a foul-smelling, harmful and sticky substance that must be thoroughly evacuated from the body.

The treatments of Panchkarma can purify the body from inside out. Ayurvedic medicines for abdominal diseases are also equally effective to treat. Panchkarma will also remove the excess doshas and restore imbalances, while eliminating harmful ama our of the body through the organs and elimination channels such as the colon, bladder, urinary tract, intestines, sweat glands, etc. Panchkarma treatments purify the tissues of the body at a very deep level. The treatments involve oil baths, herbal enemas, daily massages and nasal administrations. Ayurveda also recommends Panchkarma as an effective seasonal treatment to maintain physical and mental balance.

Panchkarma is also highly individualized on the basis of the individual's needs, depending on various factors. These include age, Ayurvedic constitution, dosha imbalances, immunity level and other such factors. The treatment used depends on the needs of the individual. These treatments are administered for a specific period of time under specially-trained therapists. The application of Panchkarma is a comfortable and delightful process of therapy for chronic diseases. There are sometimes periods of discomfort that one can feel during the profound release of toxins from the body, therefore, it's crucial that an expert who can recognize these signs of detoxification and supervise the administered Panchkarma therapy. The ancient Vedas also documented these signs of detoxification which include fatigue and emotional outbursts. 

As with all medical procedures, Panchkarma Therapy should always begin with a consultation by a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner, who can determine the prakriti, nature of the health issue and the degree of intensity of the therapies for the individual. 

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