Smokers or Past Smokers: Natural Ways to Deep-clean Your Lungs Today

We probably don’t need to tell you that smoking can be incredibly harmful to you. Also, smoking can have the same harmful effects on your loved ones. Inclusive of cancer. Quitting smoking starts with a first step, and if you’ve made that then at the very least you are on the journey to a healthier life. Here are a few natural lung detox practices you can implement to get you started.

Cigarette Lung Cleanse

Cigarette detox cleanse is a lot like a marathon, and certainly nothing like a sprint. Especially if you’ve been a smoker for a few years. Below is a graphic that illustrates the healing time your body will take to recover completely from smoking. 

The good news is that the effects of quitting smoking can have beneficial effects in as little as 20 minutes. The bad, you’re in it for the long haul and there is no quick fix. That being said, your focus should lay in one key word. Quit. Because that word in and of itself would imply that there is no way, no how you are going back to smoking. Agreed? Great!

If you’re wondering, “how should I clean up my lungs after smoking too much?” Wonder no more. Naturally, the best way is to stop immediately, but to supplement this we have a few remedies for you.

Natural Lung Detox Practices

A big practice that can hack your detox regimen from the smokes lies in what you consume next.

H20 for Lung Health

Think of water as a giant flush that is going to start removing the toxins like nicotine and tar from your body. You may find that you aren’t drinking enough water, turn on the faucets and gulp away!

Garlic in Your Food for a Lung Cleanse

Garlic not only tastes phenomenal, but the allicin in the garlic when broken down helps in cleaning your air bags. Sauté some garlic in your food. 

Ginger Against Smokes!

Ginger is a supah tuber, that directly helps in clearing up your wind pipes and lungs. Ginger has been used in Ayurveda for a really long time. Mixed with turmeric its becomes a nicotine beating super concoction.

Juice + Chlorophyll

Juices are packed with antioxidants. Along with a balanced diet can really help kick start your cleansing process. Don’t overdo it though, juices are packed with sugar that can add to your waistline. Kick back some green smoothies for a big dose of chlorophyll, which cleanses the blood and tissues. Wheatgrass, spirulina and sprouted seeds are go-to green foods.

Exercise for Lung Care

In addition to drinking lots of water as a flush, breaking a sweat is another way in which you could help aiding in flushing toxins from your body. Your body may not be very happy with you for even looking at your running kicks, but if you get through it one day, you’ll feel better the next. The day after, and the day after. Give it a go!

Stay Away From These Foods

If you've recently kicked the butt, you might notice that you are coughing more often. So, stay away from from foods that aggravate mucus production.

  • Processed meats
  • Frozen foods
  • Junk foods
  • Dairy

Quitting is the right decision for yourself, and the people you hold most dear. With these natural remedies for lung cleanse you can surely give your health a much-needed overhaul.

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